Do You Need Insurance While Traveling?
Do I need travel insurance?

Before we get to the matter, let’s quickly review some facts about travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a plan that you purchase before your trip to protect you from certain unforeseen events and risks while traveling. Some times the problems are minor like delay of flight or luggage, but if unluckiness strikes, you may have to face greater risks such as disaster, last-minute trip cancellation or even a medical emergency overseas. Travel insurance couldn’t help you much with the situation you are having do deal with at that moment, but at least you get a fair compensation for your loss.

Unlike other kinds of insurance, travel insurance is elective, which means you can decided whether to have it or not. However experts recommend having travel insurance before a trip, especially when you are traveling abroad, so you have to worry less about troubles and more focus in enjoying your vacation.

Typically there are two types of travel insurance:

  • Fundamental cancellation protection usually covers loss of baggage, compensation if you miss a flight connection and indemnification if your trip get canceled because you get sick or hurt.
  • Complete travel insurance, which include everything mentioned above plus any charge relating to medical urgency, disaster evacuation and even accidental death. Generally this is a combo of travel and medical costs.

Travel insurance

Okay, so in which case do I really need travel insurance?

There is a fact that most people are very cautious in their everyday normal life, usually they get health insurance, homeowners and renter, car and sometimes life insurance. However, there is only a very small proportion of people that regularly buy travel insurance for their trip. Travel insurance is very necessary, you should always have your trip covered especially in these situation:

  • For medical reasons

This is the most important reason to buy travel insurance. If something goes wrong and you are in a strange, remote country, medical help will be hard to get to you, and it can be very expensive. And that’s where travel insurance comes in: it can ease the pain in your wallet. Your health insurance may not cover you overseas, so when you are leaving your home country, you should at least have your medical emergency needs covered.

  • When you travel abroad

Most of the time, traveling overseas costs much more than domestic trips. The average length of an international trip is about 12 days and cost $3,242 per person, according to ValuePenguin. Also, people are likely to book a trip very early before the departure day to get a good price on services such as flights and accommodation. And if your services get canceled because of reasons that you can’t control, you will be in huge trouble. Those reasons can be sudden illness, an accident or a death of a close relative. You should definitely think carefully of which plan and coverage that will cover you in most bad situation.

  • When you are on a cruise trip

Complete travel insurance is highly recommended when you are taking a cruise trip, because it hits all the aspects that travel insurance covers: a big prepayment, international travel and higher chance of problems. Cruise companies do offer insurance for their trips as well, which often referred to as vacation protection packages, and it is quite similar to the insurance offered by outside insurance company. Remember to check the fine print carefully, make sure that the policies are comprehensive and cover a good range of situations, including hurricanes. In 2017, storms affect a huge number of cruisers – about 450,000! Choosing to cruise in storm season can strike you some good deals, but travel insurance is surely recommended. You should buy it in advance too, before the storm is found and named. When it happened, you can’t get your insurance anymore.

If you not sure which insurance company to entrust, you can check out the thread 10 Best travel insurance companies by ConsumersAdvocate, who has done a thorough research of travel insurance industry and brings you an in-depth guide on the ins and outs of the travel insurance industry, covering things such as medical coverage reach, fine print caution and extra benefits, as well as some little-known facts.

Travel insurance

I really hope that this article will be able to help you make up your decision if you are planning a trip in the future. Happy travel!


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